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About The Continental Toy Spaniel

Papillon, called also "butterfly dog" is named for the beautiful large, mobile ears with long fringing. This is a small, dainty, lively little dog, with an abundant fine straight, silky coat. The ears are large with long, silky fringes. Its tail is carried arched over the back, with a long plume falling to the side.
There was two type of size:
• up to 2,5 kg
• from 2,5 - 4,5 kg
Colouring is white with patches of any colour. Head markings should be symmetrical with a good white blaze and nose band.
These dogs are extremely lively little dogs, friendly and outgoing to everybody they meet. They always expect a game or a cuddle.
Papillions are willing to please but equally need your love and patience. They love to work and do well in things such as miniagility or obedience.
They are extremely lively and do enjoy a good walk. Plenty of games in the garden also help to keep them amused.
Papillions live up to 15 years and keep their temperament at the advanced age. Who wants a good companion always with a good mood, adaptive and friendly, Papillion is the right decision.

Source: Breeders club KCHMPP