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Litter G


November 2015

On 26.11.2015 our Fleur gave birth her first litter - 4 strong puppies, 4 males:  GREAT GATSBY, GARRETT, GIMLI and GERONIMO z KRVE ORTHOSOVY.

   Sex  Color  1.day  10.day  1 month PL PRA tooth  more information
male  white-sable  126 g  249 g  503 g   neg. 6/6  
 GARRETT male  tricolor  138 g  255 g  601 g   neg. 6/6  
 GIMLI male  white-sable  136 g  269 g  559 g   neg. 6/6  
 GERONIMO male  white-sable  109 g  209 g  510 g   neg. 6/6  heart disease


C.I.B. Rock-n-Roll ot Nevskogo Dueta
Inter Champion, Champion of France, Champion of Russia, Grand Champion of Russia, Champion of Lithuania, Champion of Latvia, Champion of Estonia, Baltic Champion, Champion of Slovakia, Champion of the Czech Republic



Fleur d'Amour Noblesse charm
Excellent young female, great pedigre, fine posture

Great Gatsby




Unfortunately, at the age of 8 weeks, Geronimo was diagnosed with a heart defect. We were faced with the choice of whether to operate or not. After reassuring that the operation will not only save Geronimo's life, but make him a completely healthy dog without further consequences and difficulties, we made a positive decision. If the operation is performed in time, the puppy is not a "cripple", but a completely healthy dog, which can, for example, run agility. I'm very glad we did - Geronimo was like new after a week. :-)

I would like to thank the AA-Vet clinic and specifically the doctors MVDr. Karel Najman and MVDr. Hanuš Velebný, who on 1 April 2016 successfully performed a demanding operation on the heart of our Geronimo.

Neither he nor any of his more beautiful siblings will continue to breed - I'm too worried about heredity. But I hope that thanks to the doctor, Geronimo will have a long and happy life.


Multi CH, C.I.B. Rock-n-Roll ot Nevskogo Dueta


Silenzio's Black Flash


Aspevalls Bodger C.I.B. Denemore Noble Perfection
 Silenzio's Miss Saigon
Silenzio's Tharagona Silenzio's  Frank Sinatra
Silenzio's  Buona Sera

Scandyline Jaquette Noire


Caratoots Constant Charmer Bijhoffs Romeo
 Caratoots Calssic Confidence
Scandyline  Gaffe Do Nuite  C.I.B. Pepejas So What
Conection Tuoddar Na'sti
Fleur d'Amour Noblesse charm

fleur de pompadour 16months

C.I.B. Semicvetik Sunny Secret


Lamonia's Don Juan  Lamonia's Niclas 
 Lamonia's Cinderella
 Semicvetik I love you Livio v. Drei-Birken 
Zimnaya Vishnya ot Bell Fiet 

C.I.B. La Raine de Pompadour


Caspian´s X-File Caspian´s Knock-on-Wood
Caspian´s Just an Illusion
Wanda von den Kolibris   Mikado von den Kolibris
Kleiner Freund Nanni