Litter N

August 2018

On August 6, 2018, our Fleurka gave birth, unfortunately by caesarean section, 5 beautiful puppies - 4 females and a male.
Unfortunately, the next day after giving birth, two females died of an intestinal infection apparently brought from the clinic.

   Sex Color 8 weeks PL PRA tooth  more information
female  white-sable  119 g  1190 g   neg. 6/6  dien in 1 year
 NOEMI NADINE female  white-sable  123 g  1200 g   neg. 6/6  
 NEO NICOLAS male  white-sable  108 g  1130 g   neg. 6/6  
 fenka 3 female  white-sable  125 g  xxx  xx neg. xx  died
 fenka 4 female  white-sable  131 g  xxx  xx neg. xx  died


Multichampion Narcissus Milbu
Beautiful dog with excellent character and very interesting pedigree
Junior Champion CZ, Junior Champion SK, Junior Club Champion KCHMPP + MKSK, Champion Romania, Champion Hungary, Champion CZ, Grand Chanpion CZ, Champion SK, Grand Champion SK
Born: 19. 03. 2015
Weight: 4,2 kg
PRA pap 1 gen - N/N
PL: 0/0
Breader: M. Buša, Lotyšsko



Fleur d'Amour Noblesse charm
Beautiful female of smaller stature with excellent pedigree, perfect mother

Nancy Nymfadora

  • Nancy Nymfadora
  • Nancy Nymfadora
  • Nancy Nymfadora
  • Nancy Nymfadora
  • Nancy Nymfadora
  • Nancy Nymfadora

Neo Nicolas

  • Neo Nicolas
  • Neo Nicolas
  • Neo Nicolas
  • Neo Nicolas

Noemi Nadine

  • Noemi Nadine
  • Noemi Nadine
  • Noemi Nadine
  • Noemi Nadine
  • Noemi Nadine
  • Noemi Nadine
  • Noemi Nadine


Multi CH, C.I.B. Narcissus Milbu



CH Riglands Smile Yoko

Riglands Smile Yoko 01

Smile Line Cover Girl Immortal Gene Ekabacken´s Emil I Lonneberga
Ringlands Cover Girl
Ringlands Yoko Ringlands Cantigrade
Rayol Nyoko at Ringland

Lucky Starline White Affection


Sorsery Lion Pepejas so What
Sorcery Vera Connection
Scandyline Insanite Dámour Scandyline Hommed ´Avenir
Scandyline Gaffe Du Nuit
Fleur d'Amour Noblesse charm

fleur de pompadour 16months


C.I.B. Semicvetik Sunny Secret


Lamonia's Don Juan  Lamonia's Niclas 
 Lamonia's Cinderella
 Semicvetik I love you Livio v. Drei-Birken 
Zimnaya Vishnya ot Bell Fiet 

CH, C.I.B. La Raine de Pompadour


Caspian´s X-File Caspian´s Knock-on-Wood
Caspian´s Just an Illusion
Wanda von den Kolibris   Mikado von den Kolibris
Kleiner Freund Nanni 



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breeding kennel Continental Toy Spaniel 
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