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Litter U


April 2021

On April 15, 2021, our Noemi gave birth 4 beautiful puppies - three females and one male. I am so safisfied, it was good birth and Noemi is the great mother! The puppies are growing very well.

  Sex Color 1 day 1 week 7 weeks PL PRA teeth more information
UMBERTO SAMUEL female white-sable 112 g 244 g 1220 g   neg. 6/6  
ULLU ULRICA female white-sable 101 g 210 g 810 g   neg. 6/6 mismark - part of left ear
UMA MICHELLE female white-sable 109 g 208 g 1050 g   neg. 6/6 mismark - part of left ear
UNIQUE UNICA female white-sable 105 g 230 g 1020 g   neg. 6/6  


Whispering Valley Midnight Man
Beautiful dog with excellent character and very interesting pedigree, imported from Sweden
Born: 8. 6. 2018
Weight: 4,5 kg
Breeding code: 0000000000000
PRA pap 1 gen - N/N
PL: 0/0
Breader: Doris and Monia Wergard



Noemi Nadine z Krve Orthosovy
Beautiful female with excellent character and pedigree.
She is perfect mother in her first birth.
Born: 6.8.2018
Color: sobolo-bílá
Weight: 3,4 kg0
Titles: V1, CAC

Umberto Samuel

Ullu Ulrica

Uma Michelle

Unique Unica


Whispering Valley Midnight Man
Whispering Valley Midnight Man 02

Whispering Valley Midnight Man 03

Whispering Valley Midnight Rambier
Whispering valley Midnight rambler

Whispering Valley Magic Michael

Whispering Valley Magic Dream

Whispering Valley White Dream
Lindatorps Katriona Lindatorps Couscous
Nightfire's High Explosive

Whispering Valley Northern Star
Whispering valley Northern Star

Siljans Silver Hang

 Siljans Disney
Papanova's Fay

Whispering Valley Just Perfect

Whispering Valley Quis Masters Mind
Whispering Valley Gaia at Redevance

Noemi Nadine z Krve Orthosovy
Noemi Nadine z Krve Orthosovy 20190804 06

Noemi Nadine z Krve Orthosovy 20190804 04

Multi CH Narcisus Milbu
Milbu Narcissus

Ringlands Smile Yoko Smile Line Cover Girl Immortal Gene
Ringland Yoko
Lucky Starline White Affection Sorsery Lion
Scandyline Insanite d'Amour
Fleur d'Amour Noblese charm
fleur de pompadour 16months
Multi CHSemicvetik Sunny Secret Lamonia's Don Juan 
Semicvetik I love you
C.I.B. La Raine de Pompadour CH SK Caspian´s X-File
Wanda von den Kolibris