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News 2017

29.12.2017 - I received the new beautiful gift from Cheb - film of female from litter I - Iris Ismena z Krve Orthosovy and her first year of life. Thanks for this film. :-)

22.12. - Our sweet female Lilli leave for her new home in Hostivice. She have new friend - yorkshire terrier Gwen - there.

lilliane-z-krve-orthosovy-01 lady-lilliane-z-krve-orthosovy-171119-04

20.11.2017 - A moment for taking pictures in the garden (no grooming):

Female Theodora Noblesse charm (10 months)
Father: C.B.I. Salatino Entre L´Amour Et Le Devoir "Rebel" (F: Vangelis Shiraz, M: Salatino Elle Faisait La La La)
Mother: CH Tópasar Rebecca (F: C.I.B. Caratoot's Cool Contender, M: Höfdaborgar Anastazia)
theodora-noblesse-charm-171119-01 theodora-noblesse-charm-171119-02 theodora-noblesse-charm-171119-03 theodora-noblesse-charm-171119-04

Female Keen Kimberly z Krve Orthosovy (7 months):
Father: Multi CH Beauty Fly Twilight Tango (F: Ch. Lindatorps "Ogonsten, M: Ch. Zalinka v. Xenellos gladness)
Mother: CH Comtesse de Pompadour (F: CH Sunshoo Imahigh Jack Gleniren, M: Lusinda de Pompadour)
keen-kimberly-z-krve-orthosovy-171119-01 keen-kimberly-z-krve-orthosovy-171119-02 keen-kimberly-z-krve-orthosovy-171119-03 keen-kimberly-z-krve-orthosovy-171119-04

Female Lady Lilliane z Krve Orthosovy (4 months)
Father: C.I.B. Semicvetik Sunny Secret (F: C.I.B. Lamonia's Don Juan, M: C.I.B. Semicvetik I love you)
Mother: CH Daschenka de Pompadour (F: C.I.B. Gringo de Costalina, M: C.I.B. Heléne Desireé de Pompadour)
lady-lilliane-z-krve-orthosovy-171119-01 lady-lilliane-z-krve-orthosovy-171119-02 lady-lilliane-z-krve-orthosovy-171119-03 lady-lilliane-z-krve-orthosovy-171119-04

Male Lovely Leroy z Krve Orthosovy (4 months)
Father: C.I.B. Semicvetik Sunny Secret (F: C.I.B. Lamonia's Don Juan, M: C.I.B. Semicvetik I love you)
Mother: CH Daschenka de Pompadour (F: C.I.B. Gringo de Costalina, M: C.I.B. Heléne Desireé de Pompadour)
lovely-leroy-z-krve-orthosovy-171119-01 lovely-leroy-z-krve-orthosovy-171119-02 lovely-leroy-z-krve-orthosovy-171119-03 lovely-leroy-z-krve-orthosovy-171119-04

5.11.2017 - The puppies from litter L in the garden

16.10. - Litter L in the garden - male Lovely Leroy and female Lady Lilliane

lilliane-and-leroy-z-krve-orthosovy-01 lilliane-and-leroy-z-krve-orthosovy-02 lilliane-and-leroy-z-krve-orthosovy-03 lilliane-and-leroy-z-krve-orthosovy-04 lilliane-and-leroy-z-krve-orthosovy-05 lilliane-and-leroy-z-krve-orthosovy-06 lilliane-and-leroy-z-krve-orthosovy-07 lilliane-and-leroy-z-krve-orthosovy-08 lilliane-and-leroy-z-krve-orthosovy-09 lilliane-and-leroy-z-krve-orthosovy-10 lilliane-and-leroy-z-krve-orthosovy-11 lilliane-z-krve-orthosovy-01 lilliane-z-krve-orthosovy-02 lilliane-z-krve-orthosovy-03 leroy-z-krve-orthosovy-01 leroy-z-krve-orthosovy-02

22.9. - Lucky Luke z Krve Orthosovy went to his new home in Zlin. Good luck, Lucky! :-)

lucky-luke-z-krve-orthosovy-9weeks-01 lucky-luke-z-krve-orthosovy-9weeks-02 lucky-luke-z-krve-orthosovy-9weeks-03

15.9. - Some pictures of our Lovely Leroy z Krve Orthosovy

lovelyy-leroy-z-krve-orthosovy-9weeks-02 lovelyy-leroy-z-krve-orthosovy-9weeks-09 lovelyy-leroy-z-krve-orthosovy-9weeks-07 lovelyy-leroy-z-krve-orthosovy-9weeks-03 lovelyy-leroy-z-krve-orthosovy-9weeks-04 lovelyy-leroy-z-krve-orthosovy-9weeks-05 lovelyy-leroy-z-krve-orthosovy-9weeks-06 lovelyy-leroy-z-krve-orthosovy-9weeks-01 lovelyy-leroy-z-krve-orthosovy-9weeks-08 lovelyy-leroy-z-krve-orthosovy-9weeks-10 lovelyy-leroy-z-krve-orthosovy-9weeks-11 lovelyy-leroy-z-krve-orthosovy-9weeks-12

5.9. - Evening in the garden (litter L)

lady-lilliane-z-krve-orthosovy-01 litter-l-z-krve-orthosovy-01 litter-l-z-krve-orthosovy-02 litter-l-z-krve-orthosovy-03 litter-l-z-krve-orthosovy-04 litter-l-z-krve-orthosovy-05 lucky-luke-z-krve-orthosovy-01

3.9. - Litter L (mother CH Daschenka de Pompadour, father C.I.B. Semicvetik Sunny Secret) - puppies 7 weeks old:
litter-l-7weeks litter-l-7weeks-03

Female Lady Lilliane z Krve Orthosovy
lady-lilliane-z-krve-orthosovy-7weeks-01 lady-lilliane-z-krve-orthosovy-7weeks-02 lady-lilliane-z-krve-orthosovy-7weeks-03 lady-lilliane-z-krve-orthosovy-7weeks-04

Male Lovely Leroy z Krve Orthosovy
lovely-leroy-z-krve-orthosovy-7weeks-01 lovely-leroy-z-krve-orthosovy-7weeks-02 lovely-leroy-z-krve-orthosovy-7weeks-03 lovely-leroy-z-krve-orthosovy-7weeks-04

Male Lucky Luke z Krve Orthosovy
lucky-luke-z-krve-orthosovy-7weeks-01 lucky-luke-z-krve-orthosovy-7weeks-04 lucky-luke-z-krve-orthosovy-7weeks-05 lucky-luke-z-krve-orthosovy-7weeks-03 lucky-luke-z-krve-orthosovy-7weeks-06

23.7.2017 - Little Iris Ismena z Krve Orthosovy is engaged in agility

14.7. - Today our female CH Daschenka de Pompadour gave birth 3 beautiful puppies - 1 female and 2 males. This is nice litter - healthy and strong. I am very happy. Father is beautiful boy C.I.B. Semicvetik Sunny Secret. :-)

170715-vrh-m-01 170715-vrh-m-02 170715-vrh-m-03 170715-vrh-m-04

14.7. - Our King Kilian like canis-therapist. Good luck! :-)


8.7. - Kyra Kalypso z Krve Orthosovy - Greetings from holidays :-)


6.7. - And a few photos from Ismena's owner from the trip - they are really wonderful! And Iris Isména z Krve Orthosovy really grows in beauty!

iris-ismena-z-krve-orthosovy-6months-01 iris-ismena-z-krve-orthosovy-6months-02 iris-ismena-z-krve-orthosovy-6months-03 iris-ismena-z-krve-orthosovy-6months-04 iris-ismena-z-krve-orthosovy-6months-05

2.7. - National show Klatovy
Iris Isména z Krve Orthosovy - puppy class - VP1 (owner Petra Petru)
She takes part her first show and she did very well. Congratulations!

nv-klatovy-01 nv-klatovy-02 iris-ismena-z-krve-orthosovy-nv-klatovy

26.6. - Today our sweet male King Kilian left us for his new home in Prague. There are 3 feline friends, so he will not be bored. I'm very curious how he will do - if everything goes well, he will be the canis-therapist. So, we cross our fingers...

170521-z-krve-orthosovy-15 king-killian-z-krve-orthosovy-10weeks-02 king-killian-z-krve-orthosovy-10weeks-04

17.6.2017 - Club show MKSK in Chlumec nad Cidlinou
Judge mr. Robert Kubeš

Theodora Noblesse charm - baby class - VN1, BIS 1 Baby
(father Salatino Entre l'Amour et le Devoir, mother Tópasar Rebecca)
She takes part her first show and she did very well. She was not afraid of anything, she was cool and very friendly. Amazing nature. :-) She really tried in the ring to do what we learned at home. And she could do it! :-)
Thanks to Katarína for our beautiful princess with the soul of the devil :-)

theodora-noblesse-charm-01 theodora-noblesse-charm-02 theodora-noblesse-charm-03 theodora-noblesse-charm-04 theodora-noblesse-charm-05

Fleur Noblesse charm - open class - Ex 1, CAC
(father Semicvetik Sunny Secret, mother La Raine de Pompadour)

fleur-damour-noblesse-charm-01 fleur-damour-noblesse-charm-02 fleur-damour-noblesse-charm-03 fleur-damour-noblesse-charm-04 fleur-damour-noblesse-charm-05

Comtesse de Pompadour - class winner - V1, CAC
(father Sunshoo Imahigh Jack Gleniren, mother Lusinda de Pompadour)

comtesse-de-pompadour-01 comtesse-de-pompadour-02 comtesse-de-pompadour-03 comtesse-de-pompadour-04 comtesse-de-pompadour-05 comtesse-de-pompadour-06

Congratulations to our Benjamin's children, who successfully participated in the show:
Charmain Motylek z Nevady - puppy class up 2,5 kg - VN1 (owner Kateřina Vitova, breeder Alena Hippmanova)
Beatrice z Motyliho domu - junior class up 2,5 kg - V1, CAJC (owner and breeder Mr. and Mrs. Klir)
Angelina Modrasek z Raje - junior class up 2,5 kg - V2 (owner Danuse Hajkova, breeder Petra Richterova)
Beatrice has obtained the title Club Junior Champion with number of 142 points. Gratuluji!

charmain-motylek-z-nevady charmain-motylek-z-nevady charmain-motylek-z-nevady-03

beatrice-z-motyliho-domu a angelina-modrasek-z-raje beatrice-z-motyliho-domu beatrice-z-motyliho-domu angelina-modrasek-z-raje-01 angelina-modrasek-z-raje-02 beatrice-z-motyliho-domu a angelina-modrasek-z-raje

Congratulation to the male from our kennel
Jamie z Krve Orthosovy - puppy class up 2,5 kg - VP2 (owner Ivana Neumannova)

jamie-z-krve-orthosovy jamie-z-krve-orthosovy

Thanks for pictures Mrs. Hedvika Zivnickova and Mrs. Marta Boudna

9.6. - Today our female Kyra Kalypso left for Prague. I think she and her 11-year-old owner will understand very good. :-)

170612-kyra-kalypso-z-krve-orthosovy-02 170612-kyra-kalypso-z-krve-orthosovy-01 170612-kyra-kalypso-z-krve-orthosovy-03

4.6. - Today our male Knight Kristian has gone to his new home. Our "Knight" will live in the Alps about 100 km behind Insbruck. From the first photos you can see, he will have a good time. :-)

170616-knight-kristian-z-krve-orthosovy-03 170616-knight-kristian-z-krve-orthosovy-01 170616-knight-kristian-z-krve-orthosovy-02 170616-knight-kristian-z-krve-orthosovy-04 170616-knight-kristian-z-krve-orthosovy-05

1.5. - In the garden. I love summer!! :-)

170519-z-krve-orthosovy-01 170519-z-krve-orthosovy-02 170519-z-krve-orthosovy-03 170519-z-krve-orthosovy-04 170519-z-krve-orthosovy-05 170519-z-krve-orthosovy-06 170519-z-krve-orthosovy-07 170519-z-krve-orthosovy-08 170519-z-krve-orthosovy-09 170519-z-krve-orthosovy-10 170519-z-krve-orthosovy-11 170519-z-krve-orthosovy-12 170519-z-krve-orthosovy-13 170519-z-krve-orthosovy-14 170521-z-krve-orthosovy-01 170521-z-krve-orthosovy-02 170521-z-krve-orthosovy-03 170521-z-krve-orthosovy-04 170521-z-krve-orthosovy-06 170521-z-krve-orthosovy-07 170521-z-krve-orthosovy-08 170521-z-krve-orthosovy-09 170521-z-krve-orthosovy-10 170521-z-krve-orthosovy-11 170521-z-krve-orthosovy-12 170521-z-krve-orthosovy-13 170521-z-krve-orthosovy-16 170521-z-krve-orthosovy-17 170521-z-krve-orthosovy-18 comtesse-de-pompadour

15.5. - Yesterday I brought a beautiful little girl from Slovakia from Katarina Laclavova's kennel - Theodora Noblesse charm (father Salatino Entre l'Amour et le Devoir from Brazil, mother Tópasar Rebecca from Germany). I am enthused! Dorotka is the amazing female with the excellent character. And her pedigree! Wow! Kate, thank you very very much!


Father: Salatino Entre l'Amour et le Devoir (Rebel)
salatino-entre-lamour-et-le-devoir salatino-entre-lamour-et-le-devoir salatino-entre-lamour-et-le-devoir

Mother: Tópasar Rebecca (Becky)
topasar-rebecca topasar-rebecca topasar-rebecca

10.5. - Litter K - 6 weeks

Keen Kimberly
keen-kimberly-z-krve-orthosovy-01 keen-kimberly-z-krve-orthosovy-02 keen-kimberly-z-krve-orthosovy-03 keen-kimberly-z-krve-orthosovy-04

King Killian
king-killian-z-krve-orthosovy-01 king-killian-z-krve-orthosovy-02 king-killian-z-krve-orthosovy-04 king-killian-z-krve-orthosovy-05

Knihgt Kristian
knight-kristian-z-krve-orthosovy-01 knight-kristian-z-krve-orthosovy-02 knight-kristian-z-krve-orthosovy-03 knight-kristian-z-krve-orthosovy-04

Kyra Kalypso
kyra-kalypso-z-krve-orthosovy-05 kyra-kalypso-z-krve-orthosovy-02 kyra-kalypso-z-krve-orthosovy-03 kyra-kalypso-z-krve-orthosovy-04 

7.4. - Litter K - 12 days

Keen Kimberly
female1-01 female1-02 female1-03

Kyra Kalypso
female2-01 female2-02 female2-03

Knihgt Kristian
male1-01 male1-02 male1-03

King Killian
male2-01 male2-02 male2-03

5.4. - Litter K - 10 days


27.3. - Today our female CH Comtesse de Pompadour gave birth 4 beautiful puppies - 2 females and 2 males. This is great litter - healthy, strong and beautiful. I am very happy. Father is Multi CH Beauty Fly Twilight Tango.

comtesse de pompadour 17months 04 beauty-fly-twilight-tango

9.3. - Our puppy - male Ikaros Imonty z Krve Orthosovy is going to his new home in Sumperk. Good luck, Monty!


5.3. - Our puppy - female Iris Isména z Krve Orthosovy is going to her new home in Czech Republic.

iris-ismena-z-krve-orthosovy-01 iris-ismena-z-krve-orthosovy-02 iris-ismena-z-krve-orthosovy-03 iris-ismena-z-krve-orthosovy-04 iris-ismena-z-krve-orthosovy-05
(pics from new home)

3.3. - Sleeping in the plate - our sweet male Imonty - 9 weeks old. :-)


3.3. - I am very sad today our sweet Fleur miscarried... :-(

8.2. - New pictures of our litter I - they are 6 weeks old.

01-litter-i-6weeks 02-litter-i-6weeks 03-litter-i-6weeks 04-litter-i-6weeks 05-litter-i-6weeks 06-litter-i-6weeks 07-litter-i-6weeks 08-litter-i-6weeks 09-litter-i-6weeks 10-litter-i-6weeks 11-litter-i-6weeks 12-litter-i-6weeks 13-litter-i-6weeks 14-litter-i-6weeks 15-litter-i-6weeks

4. - 5.2. - International dog show DUOCACIB Brno 2017
I would like to congratulate our Benjamin's children (and their owners) who participated on International dog show successfully:
Saturday - Judge Mr. Robert Kubes (CZ)
Olinka Krásny motyl - junior class to 2,5 kg - Ex 1 (owner MVDr. Veronika Podracka)
Beatrice z Motyliho domu - junior class up 2,5 kg - Ex 1, CAJC (owners Mr. and Mrs. Klir)
Sunday - Judge Mrs. Klucniece Vija (Latvia)
Olinka Krásny motyl - junior class to 2,5 kg - Ex 2 (owner MVDr. Veronika Podracka)
Beatrice z Motyliho domu - junior class up 2,5 kg - Ex 2 (owners Mr. and Mrs. Klir)

beatrice-z-motyliho-domu-01 beatrice-z-motyliho-domu-02 brno-2017-02 brno-2017-03 brno-2017-04 olinka-krasny-motyl-mvp-brno-2017-01 olinka-krasny-motyl-mvp-brno-2017-02 brno-2017-01 brno-2017-05

19.1. - Today our litter H has the first birthday, but  I have received the gift! :-) Hero Hank's owners have sent me the time-lapse video form the first year of his life. It made me very happy. It is amazing and it is worth seeing!

19.2.2017 - The first birthday - Hero Hank, male from litter H

19.1. - Litter J was born in our breeding kennel - father: Crazy z Krve Orthosovy, mother: Dorotka Spolov (mother's owner - Mrs. Ivana Neumannová from Ostrava) - 2 females (Julie and Jasmine) and male (Jamie)

2 3 4 5 6 7 8

15.1. - The first pictures of our litter I - 19 days old, father Multi CH Menine's Yoda and mother JCH Francis z Krve orthosovy, 2 females (Iris Isména and Isis Isabelle) and 1 male (Ikaros Imonty)

litter-i female-iris-ismena-01 female-iris-ismena-02 female-iris-ismena-03 male-ikaros-imonty-01 male-ikaros-imonty-02 male-ikaros-imonty-03 female-isis-isabelle-01 female-isis-isabelle-02