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News 2018

9.12. - A few pictures of beautiful males from litter O

181209-vrh-o-z-krve-orthosovy-01 181209-vrh-o-z-krve-orthosovy-02 181209-vrh-o-z-krve-orthosovy-03 181209-vrh-o-z-krve-orthosovy-04 181209-vrh-o-z-krve-orthosovy-05 181209-vrh-o-z-krve-orthosovy-06 181209-vrh-o-z-krve-orthosovy-07 181209-vrh-o-z-krve-orthosovy-08 181209-vrh-o-z-krve-orthosovy-09 181209-orin-orion-z-krve-orthosovy-01 181209-oskar-oliwer-z-krve-orthosovy-01 181209-oskar-oliwer-z-krve-orthosovy-02 181209-oskar-oliwer-z-krve-orthosovy-03

1.12. - International Dog Show Prague Expo Dog 2018
Judge Mrs. Ing. Nadezda Klirova (CZ)
Today we have not been very successful in big competition, but that's life... :-(
Theodora Noblesse charm - intermediate to 2,5 kg - Excellent 3
Keen Kimberly z Krve Orthosovy -
intermediate  up 2,5 kg - Excellent 3

18.11. - Still a few photos of females from litter N

181118-nancy-nymfadora-z-krve-orthosovy-3months-01 181118-nancy-nymfadora-z-krve-orthosovy-3months-02 181118-noemi-nadine-z-krve-orthosovy-3months-01 181118-noemi-nadine-z-krve-orthosovy-3months-02

11.11. - Club show Exotic klub - Kněževes
Judge: Suzana Verstovšek (Croatia)
Theodora Noblese charm - intermediate to
2,5 kg - Excellent 2, res. CAC
Keen Kimberly z Krve Orthosovy -
intermediate up 2,5 kg - Excellent 1, CAC

We took puppy (females) form litter "N" to the show due to the need socialization.
There was not any time during the show. After show we took some pictures of females from litter N. They look great on fallen leaves. :-)

181111-noemi-nadine-z-krve-orthosovy-01 181111-noemi-nadine-z-krve-orthosovy-02 181111-nancy-nymfadora-z-krve-orthosovy-01 181111-nancy-nymfadora-z-krve-orthosovy-02

8.11. - at home

litter "O" z Krve Orthosovy:

1-male-o-z-krve-orthosovy-6weeks 2-male-o-z-krve-orthosovy-6weeks 3-male-o-z-krve-orthosovy-6weeks 4-male-o-z-krve-orthosovy-6weeks 5-female-o-z-krve-orthosovy-6weeks

litter-o-z-krve-orthosovy-6weeks-01 litter-o-z-krve-orthosovy-6weeks-02 litter-o-z-krve-orthosovy-6weeks-03

Mr. Magnus z Krve Orthosovy

mr-magnus-z-krve-orthosovy-181108-01 mr-magnus-z-krve-orthosovy-181108-02 mr-magnus-z-krve-orthosovy-181108-03

26.9. - Our Daschenka is hero !!!
Today she gave birth beautiful and her last litter "O" z Krve Orthosovy - 5 males and 1 female! (birth weight 161, 160, 153, 142, 132 and 73 g). Father is Multi CH Zucca Tan Mária Sirrah

180926-litter-o-z-krve-orthosovy-01 180926-litter-o-z-krve-orthosovy-02 180926-litter-o-z-krve-orthosovy-03 180926-litter-o-z-krve-orthosovy-04 180926-litter-o-z-krve-orthosovy-05 180926-litter-o-z-krve-orthosovy-06 180926-litter-o-z-krve-orthosovy-07 180926-litter-o-z-krve-orthosovy-08 180926-litter-o-z-krve-orthosovy-09 180926-litter-o-z-krve-orthosovy-10


proud father Zucca Tan :-)

3.9. - Litter "N" is 4 weeks old and it is amazing! All tree puppies are Všichni tři jsou beautiful, strong, healthy, fearless, inquisitive and eat good! Just dream of every breeder - what more do you wish! :-)

litter-n-z-krve-orthosovy-4-weeks female1-n-z-krve-orthosovy--4-weeks-01 female1-n-z-krve-orthosovy--4-weeks-02 female2-n-z-krve-orthosovy--4-weeks-01 female2-n-z-krve-orthosovy--4-weeks-02 male-n-z-krve-orthosovy--4-weeks-01 male-n-z-krve-orthosovy--4-weeks-02

6.8. - Our sweet  Fleur d'Amour Noblesse charm gave birth her second litter - 5 magnificent puppies - 4 females and 1 male.
Unfortunately birth was by caesarean section. And the next day we lost twe females for intestinal infection. We probably got this infection from the veterinary clinic.

esc 0353 esc 0356

27.7.2018 - Three puppies form litter M leave for their new homes:

Maestro Michelangelo to Prague. Him owner is girl 13 years old. They will train dog sports.
Magic Merlin to Luzany. Merlin is smaller boy and he have marvellous home and excellent owners.
Marvel Maximus to Pilzner. I think he has active and interesting life with his young sports owners.

At home there is the extraordinary beautiful male with amazing character Mr. Magnus. This kid really caught my heart! He is avilable. He is suitable for exhibitions and breeding.

01-mr-marnus-z-krve-orthosovy-10-weeks 02-mr-marnus-z-krve-orthosovy-10-weeks 03-mr-marnus-z-krve-orthosovy-10-weeks
(Mr. Magnus z Krve Orthosovy)

26.7. -We mated our sweet female CH Daschenka de Pompadour and beautiful male Multichampion Zucca Tan Mária Sirrah originated in Slovakia. I'm looking forward! :-)

Daschenka dePompadour 11months v zucca-tan-maria-sirrah-01

15.7.2018 - National Show Mlada Boleslav- judge Mrs. Alana Kostalova (CZ)

Theodora Noblesse charm - intermediate to 2,5 kg - Excellent 1, CAC
Keen Kimberly z Krve Orthosovy - intermediate up 2,5 kg - Excellent 1

Congratulations to our ofsprings:
Iris Isména z Krve Orthosovy - intermediate to 2,5 kg - Excellent 2, res. CAC

180715-nv-boleslav-01 180715-nv-boleslav-02 180715-nv-boleslav-03 180715-nv-boleslav-04

3.7.2018 - Some pictures of the litter M. The litter M is very lively and it is very dificult to take pictures... :-)

Marvel Maximus z Krve Orthosovy - reserved
marvel-maximus-z-krve-orthosovy-6weeks-01 marvel-maximus-z-krve-orthosovy-6weeks-02 marvel-maximus-z-krve-orthosovy-6weeks-03

Mr. Magnus z Krve Orthosovy - available
mr-magnus-z-krve-orthosovy-6weeks-03 mr-magnus-z-krve-orthosovy-6weeks-01 mr-magnus-z-krve-orthosovy-6weeks-02

Maestro Michelangelo z Krve Orthosovy - reserved
maestro-michelangelo-z-krve-orthosovy-6weeks-02 maestro-michelangelo-z-krve-orthosovy-6weeks-01

And our little boy Magic Merlin z Krve Orthosovy - reserved
magic-merlin-z-krve-orthosovy-6weeks-03 magic-merlin-z-krve-orthosovy-6weeks-01 magic-merlin-z-krve-orthosovy-6weeks-02

1.7.2018 - National show Klatovy - judge Mr. František Šimek

Theodora Noblesse charm - class youth to 2,5 kg - Excellent 2
Keen Kimberly z Krve Orthosovy - class youth up 2,5 kg - Excellent 1, CAJC

And our ofsprings:

Iris Isména z Krve Orthosovy - mezitřída do 2,5 kg - Excellent 1, CAC
Lovely Leroy z Krve Orthosovy - třída mladých nad 2,5 kg - Excellent 1, CAJC


I would like to congratulate the breeder and owner of the daughters of our Benjamin who have recently participated successfully in shows:

13.5.2018 - IDS Wieselburg, Austria - judge Mrs.Elfriede Heidecker
Olinka Krásný motýl - Excellent 1, CACA, CACIB, BOB

180513-ids-wieselburg-olinka-bob 180513-olinka-krasny-motyl

16.6. - Mezinarodowa wystawa psów rasowych Krakow, Poland - judge Olena Khymenko (UA)
Odra Krásný motýl - Excellent 1, CWC, Best Bitch, CACIB, BOS


23.6.2018 - Budapest Grand Prix, Hungary - judge Mrs.Sonia Kelveri Philippou
Olinka Krásný motýl - Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS


11.6.2018 - Today female Just in time Porubský květ gave birth two beautiful puppies. The father is our male Benjamin. Congratulations!

p1016841-001 p1016843 p1016846
p4016740 p4016749

9.6.2018 - The mating: our princess Fleur Noblesse charm and the beautiful dog of Latvian origin with excellent character Milbu Narcissus (Junior Champion CZ, Junior Champion SK, Junior Campion club KCHMPP + MKSK, Champion Romania, Champion Hungary, Champion CZ, Grand Chanpion CZ, Champion SK, Grand Champion SK). So keep your fingers crossed!


9.6.2018 - Special show MKŠK 2018 - Sobotka - judge Karel Hořák

Theodora Noblesse charm - class youth to 2,5 kg - Excellent 3

180609-theodora-noblesse-charm-01 180609-theodora-noblesse-charm-02 180609-theodora-noblesse-charm-03 180609-theodora-noblesse-charm-04

Keen Kimberly z Krve Orthosovy - class youth up 2,5 kg - Excellent 2

180609-keen-kimberly-z-krve-orthosovy-01 180609-keen-kimberly-z-krve-orthosovy-02 180609-keen-kimberly-z-krve-orthosovy-03 180609-keen-kimberly-z-krve-orthosovy-04

The son of our Benjamin has recently participated successfully in this shows: Charmain Motýlek z Nevady - mezitřída nad 2,5 kg - Excellent 1, CAC. Congratulations!


Our two female is now the stud dogs with excellent code without any defects from this show:

Theodora Noblesse charm - 1000000000000
Keen Kimberly z Krve Orthosovy - 0000000000000

I would like to congratulate the owners of my offspring who have recently participated successfully in shows:

Lovely Leroy z Krve Orthosovy:
26.5.2018 - Regional show for all breeds - Plzeň - class youth - Excellent 1, Junior Class Winner

Iris Isména z Krve Orthosovy:
2.6.2018 - Regional show for all breeds - Karlovy Vary - class youth - Excellent 1, Junior Class Winner


27.5. - The male from our breeding kennel King Killian z Krve Orthosovy with his owner Eva successfully passed the examination of canistherapy today  a he will take care of gerontological patients.

The evaluators also stated that the dog is of a very balanced nature, friendly to people, without signs of aggression. The team's excellent teamwork was highlighted.

From now on he will give a great deal of joy to those for whom life is no longer easy! Congratulations Eva! I am very proud of you!

18.5. there was born next great litter of our Connie. The starting letter is M. I am very happy. Mother is CH Comtesse de Pomapadour, father is C.I.B. Benjamin z Krve Orthosovy.

m-z-krve-orthosovy-10dnu-01 m-z-krve-orthosovy-10dnu-02 m-z-krve-orthosovy-10dnu-03 m-z-krve-orthosovy-10dnu-04
(Puppies is 10 days old on the pictures)

6.5. - International dog show Prague Expo Dog 2018
Judge pan Janusz Opara (PL)
Theodora Noblesse charm - class youth to 2,5 kg - Excellent 1, CAJC
Thea was the first time in the young class, before she was only once in the show in the puppy class and she won in good competition.
Keen Kimberly z Krve Orthosovy - class youth up 2,5 kg - Excellent 1, CAJC, BOJ, BOB, Winner of Prague
Kimberly was 13 months old and she was at the show for the first time. She won in competition of 39 papillons. She was performing very well and even in the afternoon in the final competitions, although she was too tired. I'm very proud of her.

180506-mvp-praha-theodora-noblesse-charm-cac 180506-mvp-praha-keen-kimberly-z-krve-orthosovy-cajc-bob-01 180506-mvp-praha-keen-kimberly-z-krve-orthosovy-cajc-bob-02

24.2. - Our Benjamin z Krve Orthosovy is father again today. In Prague in the papillon kennel 'Olivia glamour' there was born the new very nice litter - 2 males (sable-white and black-white) and 1 sable female, all strong, viable and with white spots. Mother is Olivia Noblesse charm (f: Multi CH Semicvetik Sunny Secret, m: Zaozerie Yaroslava). I am very happy.

a-olivia-glamour-10days-01 a-olivia-glamour-10days-02 olivia-noblesse-charm
                                                                            puppies's mother Olivia Noblesse charm

10.2. - Our honey Lovely Leroy z Krve Orthosovy leave for his new home in Pilsner. He has great new owner - the girl eight years old. His new friends are some cats. Good luck in new life!


31.1. - In the garden - my sweeties Theodora and Kimberly

180131-theodora-noblesse-charm-1 180131-theodora-noblesse-charm-2 180131-theodora-noblesse-charm-05 180131-kimberly-and-theodora-02 180131-kimberly-and-theodora 180131-keen-kimberly-z-krve-orthosovy-03 180131-keen-kimberly-z-krve-orthosovy-02 180131-keen-kimberly-z-krve-orthosovy

8.1. - Recently I've got new photos of some puppies from our kennel. I'm happy that everyone of them has grown into beauty:

170727-hope-z-krve-orthosovy 171105-hope-z-krve-orthosovy 180131-hope-hillary-z-krve-orthosovy-01 180131-hope-hillary-z-krve-orthosovy-03 180131-hope-hillary-z-krve-orthosovy-04 180131-hope-hillary-z-krve-orthosovy-05 180131-hope-hillary-z-krve-orthosovy-06
Hope Hillary z Krve Orthosovy

170702-cheri-charlotte-z-krve-orthosovy             170409-chic-cheyenne-z-krve-orthosovy
Chéri Charlotte z Krve Orthosovy            Chic Cheyenne z Krve Orthosovy

170915-iris-ismena-z-krve-orthosovy 171016-iris-ismena-z-krve-orthosovy 180108-iris-ismena
Iris Isména z Krve Orthosovy

171224-knight-kristian-z-krve-orthosovy                      171224-kyra-kalypso-z-krve-orthosovy-01 171224-kyra-kalypso-z-krve-orthosovy-02-m             171231-king-killian-z-krve-orthosovy
Knight Kristian z Krve Orthosovy       Kyra Kalypso z Krve Orthosovy            King Killian z Krve Orthosovy

I have also received new photos of some of our Benjamin's offspring. Some of his children are also very successful in shows.

female Angelina Modrásek z Ráje - breeder and owner Mrs. Petra Richterová:

Litter "CH" Motýlek z Nevady - breeder Mrs. Alena Hippmanová:

Vrh "CH" Motýlek z Nevady - chovatel paní Alena Hippmanová:
170226-chris                    171010-charlie-01 171010-charlie-02
Chris Motýlek z Nevady                                                       
Charlie Motýlek z Nevady

171010-cherokee 01 171010-cherokee 02
male Cherokee Motýlek z Nevady

171128-charmain-jch-01 171128-charmain-jch-02 171128-charmain-jch-03
male Charmain Motýlek z Nevady

female Beatrice z Motýlího domu - breeder and owner Mr. and Mrs. Klír
171204-beatrice-z-motyliho-domu-01 171204-beatrice-z-motyliho-domu-02 171204-beatrice-z-motyliho-domu-03
Club show KCHMPP in Mladá Boleslav (21.10.2017):   Ex 2, res. CAC
Club show EXOTIC in Kněževes (26.11.2017):   Ex 1, CAC
Club show MKŠK in Brno (2.12.2017):   Ex 2, res. CAC

female Olinka Krásný motýl - breeder and owner Mrs. MVDr. Veronika Podracká
171217-olinka-krasny-motyl-01 171217-olinka-krasny-motyl-02 171217-olinka-krasny-motyl-03
Olinka Krásný motýl obtained this titul in year 2017:
Czech Junior Champion
Club Junior Champion MKŠK
Club Champion MKŠK (The condition are met.))
2x BOJ
2x BOS
2x BOB
Winner of Club Show (from 50 papillons!)
2x Best Bitch
9x CAC

I thank you all for the beautiful photos and congratulations on a great show success!