Welcome to our breeding kennel Continental Toy Spaniel 'Z KRVE ORTHOSOVY' (in English - 'From Orthos´s blood')

We are family kennel interested in breeding papillions. We put a great emphasis on health and excellent character of breeded puppies.

All our papillions live with us enjoying home comforts. They are used to our big dogs, kids and strangers. They go through with us everything what our life brings.

I remember my friend...



Available for sale

Currently we have two puppies - males avilable.
Both males have the excellent exterior and character.




Simona Kratochvílová
Voznice 165
263 01 Dobříš
Czech Republic
Telefon: +420 777 223 372
Email: simona@papillons.eu

breeding kennel Continental Toy Spaniel 
Z Krve Orthosovy
Registration number: 454/95

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