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News 2014

18.12. - Female Alice od Mlynare (owner Mrs.Gabriela Cermakova, Breeding kennel Kersky chlupac) and our Ben (CH Benjamin z Krve Orthosovy) gave birth 3 beautiful puppies - 2 males (Amorek and Albert) and 1 female (Amy). I am very proud of them!

dsc01149-u dsc01180-u dsc01188-u dsc01190-u dsc01214-u

6.-7.12. - International Dog Show Wels, Austria
CH Benjamin z Krve Orthosovy
Saturday - Judge Mrs. Cathy Delmar, IRL - champion class - Excellent 2, res. CACA
Sunday - Judge Mr. Sean Delmar, IRL - champion class - Excellent 1, CACA
This time it was very difficult - there was great competition from Germany, Swiss, Italy and Austria.
Benjamin worked perfect with me and I am very proud of him. He is my love.

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30.11. - Our male Benjamin mated pretty female Dorotka Krasny motyl (after C.I.B. Batien Hroznový květ and Anita Krasny motyl, owner Mrs. Veronika Podracka, Kennel Krasny motyl). I hope the puppies will be beautiful. :-)


Male from our kennel Florian (Frankie z Krve Orthosovy) - pictures from his new home: Great life!!! :-)

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16.11. - Exotic Club Show
Judge - Mrs. Karin Bernardys (Austria)
There were our two young females on the first show - Comtesse de Pompadour and Fleur d'Amour Noblesse charm. And my great new handlers - my daughters. :-)

majda betka-01 1477394 10203277101435979 2522898180076073772 n 10448643 01 10818277 03 10629465 04 10471411 02

The beautiful puppy from our kennel - male Frankie z Krve Orthosovy was on his first show in puppy class. He won the award Very promising 1, BIS puppy. Congratulation! I am very happy. :-)

10425023 10204125413408845 6104995215439097080 n

28.10. - Today our nice male Edmond z Krve Orthosovy went to her new home. I think he will have with his new owner the nice life. :-)


17.10. - Female Alice od Mlynare (after Falcon Emia Alva and Zazi Zlaty krystal) came to our male Benjamin for mating. We are looking forward to babies. :-)

 alice-od-mlynare-01 alice-od-mlynare-02 alice-od-mlynare-03 alice-od-mlynare-04 alice-pedigree

17.10. - Today our sweet male Frankie z Krve Orthosovy went to her new home. He has got new name Florian and new friend - papillon male Nick 10 months old. I think he will have the great life. :-)

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3.10. - I got a few photos our offspring - male Artus z Krve Orthosovy. He is beautiful and loved in his family! I am so glad!

artus-z-krve-orthosovy-01-4years artus-z-krve-orthosovy-02-4years artus-z-krve-orthosovy-03-4years

28.9. - IDS Wroclaw (Poland)
Judge: Andrzej Kazmierski (PL)
male Benjamin z Krve Orthosovy - champion class - Excellent 1, CWC, r. CACIB
Benjamin has fulfilled all requested conditions for title Poland Champion.


27.9. - Right now our sweet Frankie prepare to leave to his new home and he will go to Prague as soon as his new owner will get the work holidays. In his new home there is 9-months old sable friend of papillon kennel Tiny Zonte. I think both guys will have a lot of fun. :-)

frankie-z-krve-orthosovy-01 frankie-z-krve-orthosovy-02 frankie-z-krve-orthosovy-03 frankie-z-krve-orthosovy-04 frankie-z-krve-orthosovy-05 frankie-z-krve-orthosovy-06 frankie-z-krve-orthosovy-07 frankie-z-krve-orthosovy-08 frankie-z-krve-orthosovy-09

26.9. - Uncle and nephew :-) - alias Edmond and Frankie, our guys - dandies


25.9. - Taking photos at home

Edmond (boy)
edmond-z-krve-orthosovy-01 edmond-z-krve-orthosovy-02 edmond-z-krve-orthosovy-03 edmond-z-krve-orthosovy-04 edmond-z-krve-orthosovy-05 edmond-z-krve-orthosovy-06 edmond-z-krve-orthosovy-07 edmond-z-krve-orthosovy-08

Francis (girl)
francis-z-krve-orthosovy-01 francis-z-krve-orthosovy-02

23.9. - Today our action Fiona went to her new home in Prostejov. I hope she will put a smile on the face of her new little, very sad owner.

fiona-12weeks-01 fiona-12weeks-02 fiona-12weeks-03 fiona-12weeks

12.9. - Today our tomboy Ellen went to her new home. She is living in Kladno and she has 2 border collies friends. I hope they will make good bunch.

ellen-z-krve-orthosovy-10weeks-02 ellen-z-krve-orthosovy-10weeks

11.9. - Today our princess Esme went to her new home in Prague. I think she will have with Miss Catherine the nice life.

esme-z-krve-orthosovy-01 esme-z-krve-orthosovy-02 esme-z-krve-orthosovy-03

21.8. - Our trip to the castle Krivoklat - and again Slovak section (Comtesse a Fleur) went with us as a part of socialization. :-)

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11

5.8. - Our trip to the castle Zvíkov by steamship - Comtesse a Fleur went with us.

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 1415 16

26.7. - In the garden

Comtesse - 7  months
comtesse-de-pompadour-7months-01 comtesse-de-pompadour-7months-02 comtesse-de-pompadour-7months-03

Fleur - 5 months
fleu-damour-noblesse-charm-6months-02 fleu-damour-noblesse-charm-6months fleu-damour-noblesse-charm-6months-04 fleu-damour-noblesse-charm-6months-05

litter E - 6 weeks
litter-e-z-krve-orthosovy-6weeks edmond-z-krve-orthosovy-01 edmond-z-krve-orthosovy-02 edmond-z-krve-orthosovy-03 edmond-z-krve-orthosovy-05 edmond-z-krve-orthosovy-06 edmond-z-krve-orthosovy-04 edmond-z-krve-orthosovy-07 edmond-z-krve-orthosovy-08 elen-z-krve-orthosovy-01 elen-z-krve-orthosovy-02 elen-z-krve-orthosovy-03 esme-z-krve-orthosovy-6weeks-01 esme-z-krve-orthosovy-6weeks-02 esme-z-krve-orthosovy-6weeks-03 esme-z-krve-orthosovy-6weeks-04 esme-z-krve-orthosovy-6weeks-05 esme-z-krve-orthosovy-6weeks-06 esme-z-krve-orthosovy-6weeks-07

litter F - 4 weeks
litter-f-z-krve-orthosovy-25days-01 litter-f-z-krve-orthosovy-25days-02 litter-f-z-krve-orthosovy-25days-04 litter-f-z-krve-orthosovy-25days-03 litter-f-z-krve-orthosovy-25days-06 litter-f-z-krve-orthosovy-25days-07 litter-f-z-krve-orthosovy-25days-08

2.7. - Litter E is already 14 days old...

esme-z-krve-orthosovy 2weeks 01female Esme esme-z-krve-orthosovy 2weeks 02female Esme esme-z-krve-orthosovy 2weeks 03
female Esme
esme-z-krve-orthosovy 2weeks 04female Esme esme-z-krve-orthosovy 2weeks 05female Esme eleonor-z-krve-orthosovy 2weeks 01female Elen
eleonor-z-krve-orthosovy 2weeks 02female Elen edmond-z-krve-orthosovy 2weeks 01male Edmond edmond-z-krve-orthosovy 2weeks 02male Edmond


1.7. - Today our Daschenka gave birth 3 beautiful puppies after father our Benjamin. :-)) 1 sable female, 1 black-white female and 1 black-white male. I hope they will have a nice life ... (litter F)

litter f-z-krve-orthosovy 02

litter f-z-krve-orthosovy 01

litter f-z-krve-orthosovy 03

girl1 f-z-krve-orthosovy 01fenka 1

girl1 f-z-krve-orthosovy 02 fenka 1

girl2 f-z-krve-orthosovy 02
fenka 2

girl2 f-z-krve-orthosovy 01
fenka 2

boy f-z-krve-orthosovy 01

boy f-z-krve-orthosovy 02pejsek


17.6. - Today Mamba gave birth 3 beautiful puppies after father Semicvetik Sunny Secret. :-)) 1 sable male, 1 tricolor female and 1 black-white female. I am very happy ... :D (vrh E)

littere-1thday-01 littere-1thday-02 littere-1thday-03 littere-1thday-04 littere-1thday-05

9.6. - Our Benjamin is again very proud father: Female Princess Maharani Senden-Ay (owner Martina Jelinkova, kennel Mui Suerte, litter A) gave birth 2 beautiful puppies: black-white female Anja-Aisha Mui Suerte and sable male Ambiente Mui Suerte. Puppies are fantastic! I am very happy!

 1044623 10505620 10202401234579855 1450174411732911254 n 1012572 10202074909181924 5144188826953544884 n

18.5. - IDS Wieselburg (Austria)
Judge: p. Kirschbichler Heidi /Austria/
Benjamin z Krve Orthosovy - champion class - Excellent 1, CACA, r. CACIB

benjamin-z-krve-orthosovy-01 benjamin-z-krve-orthosovy-03 benjamin-z-krve-orthosovy-02  

988496 555033411281509 2636418916465045083 n
Tato fotka je z archivu Bärbel Lieblich.


29. a 30.4. - Our female CH Daschenka de Pompadour was mated our male CH Benjamin z Krve Orthosovy.

Daschenka dePompadour 14months 2 benjamin zkrveorthosovy 16month 2

19.4. - The first day at home. Äll puppies immediately understand, how much important is bed in life...

10weeks-fleur-01 10weeks-fleur-02

18.4. - Today the wonderful female Fleur d'Amour Noblesse charm (father ICH Semicvetik Sunny Secret x mother ICH La Raine de Pompadour) came to our family from Katarina Laclavova (Kennel Noblesse charm). Thank you for this beautiful puppy! :D  

fleur fleur-and-family

15.4. - Comtesse grows very quickly...

4months-comtesse-01 4months-comtesse-02 4months-comtesse-03 4months-comtesse-04 4months-comtesse-05

14. a 15.4. - Our female CH Mamba Anee was mated the Slovak Interchampion Semicvetik Sunny Secret (imported from Russia, owner Katarína Láclavová)

semicvijetik-sunny-secret-02 semicvijetik-sunny-secret

12.4. - IDS Chemnitz (Germany)
Benjamin z Krve Orthosovy - champion class - Excellent 2, r. CAC, r. CACIB

30.3. - Comtesse is going at the first time in her live to big trip in Brdy forest. :-) She enjoyed it.

dsc 1529a dsc 1531a dsc 1537a dsc 1540a dsc 1541a dsc 1543a dsc 1547a dsc 1550a dsc 1556a dsc 1562a dsc 1564a dsc 1578a dsc 1582a



29.3. - Speciál show MKSK

Judge: Mrs. Ubrova
Benjamin z Krve Orthosovy - winner class - Excellent 1, CAC
Agnes z Krve Orthosovy - winner class - Excellent 1, CAC

Benjamin has fulfilled all requested conditions and he received the title Czech Grand Champion.

12.3. - Today the wonderful female Comtesse de Pompadour (father CH Sunshoo Imahigh Jack Gleniren x mother Lusinda de Pompadour) came to our family from Zuzana Nouzakova (Kennel de Pompadour). Thank you for this beautiful puppy. :D         

6weeks-comtesse-01 6weeks-comtesse-02 6weeks-comtesse-03

22.-23.2. - IDS DUOCACIB Brno 2014

Saturday - Judge: Mr. Vanaken Jean Francois /B/
Benjamin z Krve Orthosovy - champion class - Excellent 1, CAC, r. CACIB

Sunday - Judge: Schill Roberto /RO/
Benjamin z Krve Orthosovy - champion class - Excellent 1, CAC, r. CACIB

Benjamin z Krve Orthosovy

Champagne de Pompadour - VG
Dantes de Pompadour - Ex 1, CAC
Wittorio de Pompadour - Ex 2
Wittorio de Pompadour - Ex 2
Yack Breezer Mária Sirah - Ex 3
obrazok308Céline Noblesse charm - Ex 1, CAJC, BOJ

Benjamin z Krve Orthosovy

obrazok319Céline Noblesse charm - Ex 1, CAJC, BOJ
benjamins-son-whiskey-de-pomapadour-01Benjamin's son - Whiskey de Pompadour benjamins-son-whiskey-de-pomapadour-02
Benjamin's son - Whiskey de Pompadour


15. 2. - Today Dorothy gone to her new home in Switzerland. I'm sure that she will live very good with her new family.

dorothy01 dorothy04 dorothy05
dorothy02 dorothy03 dorothy06

 pf2014 zkrveorthosovy en